I help photographers move from “I can’t figure out what my marketing is missing!” to a steady stream of inquiries from clients who love the work you create. As a full-time wedding photographer for 10+ years (and counting), I know what it’s like to be passionate, and driven, but also need a clear next step.

Discover how to market your business through an exceptional client experience, high-end branding, social media that sells, and a network of superfans. 

I’m Jamie, and you belong here. I’m preemptively lifting my white porcelain mug of green tea in celebration because that calendar of yours? It’s about to be fully booked out. Ready? Ready.

When it comes to marketing your business, you’re not sure what to do next or how to get your name ‘out there.’

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50+ Marketing Ideas for Your Photography Business

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Just a girl (usually with a swipe of bright lipstick) standing in front of her camera on a tripod, spilling what she knows.

My pink-painted fingernails (#essiepolish) have been typing overtime, crafting resources to help your biz dreams become reality.

"Jamie has YEARS of marketing experience, making her a sought after influencer in the photography industry. She's dialed in her ideal client, mastered social media and has a brilliant sense for business. She's just the whole package and to top it off a GREAT teacher."

Promise Tangeman, Founder, GoLiveHQ

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