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If you can master email communication with your prospective clients, it’s the best way to turn leads into bookings. I think a lot of photographers are doing email wrong, which gives photographers who want to learn how to email right a huge advantage. If you feel like you may be in the first camp… let’s turn you into a photographer who’s doing it right.

Most prospective clients usually email more than one photographer.

I don’t say this to intimidate you or make you feel like you’re competing against other photographers, but to remind you, you must stand out.

Just because a client sent you an email, we have no guarantee of how long they were on your website. They could have been on your website 30 seconds, thought, “I like her photos,” and sent a contact form.

From the first email, you want to reassure her: she’s in the right place. Mention you’re so excited about the inquiry; link to other blog posts or related images in your portfolio. For example, if her wedding is at a winery, share photos from other winery weddings.

When you send a personalized email, unique to that bride you’re showing her you can go above & beyond — before she’s even your client. Additionally, it will also give her another chance to see your work, if she was one of those brides that was perhaps on your website for only a short amount of time.

How should we balance professional & personal?

This is one of the ‘most asked questions’ in my business… and I find it interesting. When I hire a personal brand; a business coach, an organizational expert, anyone I will be working with one-on-one… I want to know who they are. I want to know personal aspects of their life! Of course, I want them to be professional:

  • Do they seem prepared for the job?
  • Do they answer promptly, and are they helpful in their answers?
  • Do they show up on time?
  • Do they have a great resume/portfolio?


But if professional = cold, no personality, straight-to-the-point emails… no thanks! There’s a way to mix the professional + personal; and we must! You could reply to a wedding inquiry with: “Yes, I’m available. These are my rates. You can click my pricing PDF, and it’s attached. Have a good day.”

You’ve given her the information she asked for, but you’ve given her no way to have a connection point with you whatsoever. There’s no personality.

Sometimes, as photographers, we are afraid of the imposter syndrome. Feeling like we’re not quite there yet. Maybe, you’ve only been in business 2 years, 3 years; and you’re thinking, “I’m really not that good at this.” Writing cold, professional, ‘formal’ emails maybe gives you a bit more confidence? But it’s hurting your business!

Want to see a practical comparison between a professional vs. personal response to a wedding inquiry to help shape your email communication? Snag it here.

P.S. The Friend Test

As you’re writing email responses, does it sound like you? If you’re not sure, the best thing to do is ask a close friend or a family member. Read the email out loud to them and ask them, “Does this sound like me?” If they go, “Ah, no. That’s not how you would be talking,” you have a little bit of work to do.


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