Social Media Process After Shooting a Wedding


Most photographers know they need to be “better” at marketing their work, but don’t know where to start. I get it, time is a limited resource! We’re focused on answering client emails, driving to and from shoots, editing images, doing our best to blog our recent work! But unless we have a real PLAN for marketing, finding clients consistently will continue to be a struggle.

One of our biggest trends I notice in photographers is how we don’t like to write things down. We may think we have a plan in our heads, but how many of us have actual systems in our business? Is there a piece of paper you could hand to an assistant detailing exactly how you want your images shared on social media after every wedding? (If not, put that on your to-do list this week to get it done!)

My Social Media Workflow

Immediately after the wedding:

  • 2 Sneak Peeks Scheduled to Facebook page
  • 2 Sneak Peeks Scheduled to Instagram

After images are edited:

  • Blog 40-50 images of the wedding day
  • Announce Blog Post on Facebook w/ Image
  • Announce Blog Post on Instagram w/ Image
  • Schedule 9 images to Instagram (portfolio acct)
  • Upload 2 images for Instagram (business acct)
  • Post 6 images to Instagram stories
  • Upload album of blog images to Facebook
  • Upload blog post to MeetEdgar for loop scheduling!

Wish you had a step-by-step resource to help you book more clients?

You’ve tried it all: updating your website, attempting to show up on social media, blogging, putting your name “out there,” even offering giveaways… and nothing. Nothing seems to work.

You love photography, love the work you get to create, but wish marketing didn’t feel like a three-thousand piece puzzle… with a few important missing pieces.

My new marketing course, Book New Brides, teaches wedding photographers how to market their businesses & find new clients. Book New Brides includes 8 Video Modules to help you book brides by crafting an exceptional client experience, perfecting your online presence & driving referral traffic.

If you’re completely over just “hoping” new clients will inquire about your work and ready to invest in a course that will help, visit Book New Brides!


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