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Parallel Wealth Management

Parallel Wealth helps clients save, invest and manage their money wisely so they can achieve their financial goals and feel confident about the future.

Their previous website was busy, with a lot of text competing for the viewer’s attention. To stand out to potential clients, Parallel wanted a simple, easy-to-understand website that would highlight their experience and strengths.

After working together, Parallel’s website focuses on the most important information first: how they help clients achieve a secure financial future. Once clients are engaged with the website, we’ve highlighted the most important next step—to book a meeting with Parallel.

adam bornn, parallel wealth

“We struggled to present a clear message to current and prospective clients about the work we did. Because of this, our ideal clients may have been looking elsewhere. Working with Jamie on our website copywriting was smooth and streamlined. She was quick with communication and the work she delivered for us was excellent."


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