Instead, you have found yourself completely overwhelmed by all of the numbers involved in running a business.

+ What should I actually be charging for my photography? 

+ How do I make sure I'm saving enough for the slow season?

+ How can I stop stressing about income and sales tax every, single, year when the time comes?

+ What am I even making from every wedding or session after paying ALL of these costs that keep appearing?

You dreamed of blissful workdays as a photographer creating beautiful photos for your clients.

You're ready to say 'goodbye' to ALL of the overwhelm and invest in a tool that will give you confidence in your prices.

Present your prices with confidence to potential clients

Say goodbye to 'off-season anxiety!' with a solid financial plan

Practically work towards achieving your dream salary 

a step-by-step workbook to Accurately Set Profitable Prices For your Photography

Knowing Your Numbers will help you:

Sell albums and products at a profit that works for you!

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welcome to your solution: 'knowing your numbers'

Compatible with both Microsoft Excel and Mac Numbers

9 Customizable Spreadsheets (with Step-by-Step Videos)

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Calculate total annual costs and easily set aside money for paycheques and taxes.


Discover clearly what each wedding costs (and profits!) your business.

3. portrait collections

Design the best portrait sessions packages based on actual costs

4. weddings to date

Record booked weddings, view current retainers and total wedding net profit.

5. portraits to date

Record booked sessions and see current retainers and estimated net profit.

6. album pricing

Set profitable album pricing (and sale pricing!) based on your supplier costs.

7. print pricing

Make print sales work for you - easily calculate multiple size costs in minutes.

8. goal setting

Work towards a dream salary goal with this easy to use spreadsheet.

bonus: outsourcing

Find out how your business could be outsourcing editing to make more!

laura barnes

ashley ham

"Completing the workbook was the deciding factor in going full time with photography!"

I am recently 100% full time and I can't say enough good things about how this has helped me set goals financially. I highly recommend this tool to anyone who isn’t a numbers person, like myself, and also looking to get more organized with their business!

angie mcpherson

Pricing was a huge headache. I never really tried to price correctly in the past, but just 'picked' what I thought it was worth - terrible, I know! I now feel great about my album pricing and I can actually make a profit off of them. Thank you!

"Completing the workbook a few months ago was the deciding factor in when I could go full time with photography!

You helped me realistically strive for goals and pin point when I could make the big leap. THANK YOU! You honestly should be charging more for this spreadsheet!"

buy knowing your numbers for $97

It's time to know your business numbers, inside & out

Knowing Your Numbers Is Right For You If...

You’re a full-time photographer, looking to gain a better understanding of your business numbers - and to stop feeling stressed in the off-season.

You are a part-time photographer looking to go full-time but want to be confident you can make the numbers work for you!

The world of numbers completely overwhelms you. You want to learn how to make your business profitable, in a SIMPLE, easy to understand way.

Knowing Your Numbers May Not Be Right For You If...

You're an accountant by day who moonlights as a photographer on weekends and you know everything there is to know about your numbers. You save for paycheques in the off-season, sale tax and income tax and you’ve never spent a minute stressing about any of this.

You're not interested in taking the time to complete the spreadsheets, watch the videos, and get serious about what you're charging… this would be a total waste of money.

nik and dana fiorito

candace cunning


Knowing Your Numbers has been so valuable. When I’ve been booking jobs recently I’ve (nerdily) been so excited to go back to the workbook, update my earnings, and watch my bi-weekly paycheques grow!

shannon may pringle

I have been loving the workbook. I had no idea I could make so much per month. I have been able to setup automatic payments to give myself a monthly income AND tuck away money needed for taxes, expenses and savings!

You're brilliant! The numbers side of the business is something I’ve struggled to feel confident about since the beginning!

You've helped me be confident I am valuing my work (and pricing albums) enough to maintain a livable salary and set financial goals while doing the job I love most in life! 

get started for only $97

When you purchase Knowing Your Numbers, You'll Receive:

- Fully customizable workbook, compatible with both Microsoft Excel and Mac Numbers.

- An all-in-one workbook to help you plan and monitor your photography profits with the entire year in mind.

- Workbook includes 9 spreadsheets: Income Statement, Wedding Collections, Portrait Collections, Weddings to Date, Portraits to Date, Album Pricing, Print Pricing, Goal Setting & Outsourcing.

- 9 step-by-step video teaching by Jamie walking you through how to use every spreadsheet. You won't be doing this alone! (And you don't need to have previous knowledge of "Excel" or "Numbers"!)

Delaine Watson

Jamie is photographer and educator from Vancouver, Canada. Over the last decade, she has photographed 200+ weddings, and attracted a steady list of clients.

Jamie attributes her success to clearly defining the numbers in her business. With a firm grasp of the costs involved in running a photography business, she can focus on providing an exceptional customer experience.


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We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. This specific product comes with a 30-day money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the value received upon completing all of the spreadsheets. Some conditions apply.