How to Blog For Your Photography Business

Blogging is a tool “meant to generate awareness about you and your brand. It’s best used to establish authority and make people trust you.”

I love this blogging definition because it speaks to 2 main purposes. The first? To establish authority in your industry as the go-to wedding photographer clients should be hiring. And second, to allow people to get to know, like and trust your brand.

As a wedding photographer with a personal brand, the way I blog in my photography business has changed over the years. I started my business over a decade ago, as a 17 year old and oh goodness, my blog was filled with personal entries. I used my blog as a way to connect with my audience and share personal details about my life in addition to photography posts. The key difference here: Facebook was in it’s beginning stages, Instagram (and Instagram stories) didn’t exist. Blogging personal photos and stories was a way for me to connect with my audience—but still on a branded, professional platform.

That’s the biggest pivot I’ve seen in blogging for your photography business: personal details of your life can easily find a home on other social platforms like Instagram. Instead, focus on content that will serve your current and future audience directly.

How to Blog For Your Photography Business

We need to get clear on who our blog is for! If you’re a wedding photographer, it’s likely brides who are looking for a photographer or current clients who have already booked for their weddings next season. Our blogs are a way they can get excited about their session or wedding and see how we approach our work.

Let’s brainstorm some blog topics specifically for this audience by answering a few questions:

  • What does your ideal audience need to know right now?
  • What challenges or pain points are they experiencing?

Photography Clients Need To Know:

  • How to prepare for their engagement session
  • How to pose in photos
  • What details to have ready for the morning
  • How to organize family photos
  • How to communicate with the wedding party about photos
  • Planning their wedding timeline

Challenges your ideal client may be experiencing:

  • Where to get married in the winter in Vancouver
  • How to make a back up rain plan for portraits
  • How to decide which family photos to take
  • Where to take portraits on the wedding day
  • What to wear in their engagement session


Once you’ve spent time compiling a helpful blog post within one of the above categories… don’t post it on your blog and then forget about it. Repetition matters! Post the article regularly on Facebook (I use MeetEdgar for looping posts on Facebook!) and link to it on Instagram every few months, etc.

The best part about setting aside time to write a library of helpful articles for a bride-to-be is how EASY it makes instagram captions. Once a week you could include a simple tip for brides… even 2-3 sentences! One article could provide 12 really helpful captions. Blogging with this focus will show your area of expertise and encourage readers to share with other brides who may be helped by your information. 


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