Getting Testimonials For Your Photography Business

Testimonials can be one of the most powerful marketing tools you can have in your photography business, but how do we get awesome testimonials from our clients? I’m going to lead you through 4 different steps to gain awesome testimonials for your business in this video!

Tip #1 | Pay Attention to Your Client’s Words

Testimonial hack: pay attention to your clients words when you’re at the end of the session or on the wedding day when they say goodbye! When they share amazing words, pay attention and write them down when you get home.

In a few days, follow up by email with the client and let them know you’re gathering testimonials for your website and you loved what they shared. Write the words as best as you remember, and ask if they would be okay with you using this on your website and on social media!

90% of the time you’ll have clients respond with, “I love this, this is great!” and they might even add a sentence or two. What’s great about this? It’s a conversational testimonial and is likely to sound more animated and “true to life.”

Tip #2 | Simple: Ask!

If your clients were quieter at the end of the session or wedding (will totally depend on personality!) — try asking after you deliver their images! I recommend you set up an email automation a few weeks after photo delivery.

In this email, ask a few key questions.

  • Would they be willing to provide a testimonial?
  • What were some of their fears with hiring a photographer?
  • How did their experience help relieve those fears?
  • What would they say to another bride who was on the fence about booking me?
  • Is there anything else a bride should know, or that you’d want to include in the testimonial?

I let them know that they can answer one, or two, or all of these questions. Once I receive their answers back, I’ll format the words into a paragraph form, if they haven’t already. Once I have the more ‘conversational’ highlight, I ask for final approval of their words via email. When you hear back, now you can use the testimonial!


Tip #3 | Lead clients into answers

I touched on this a bit in Tip #2, but rather than asking, “Could you provide a testimonial?” Instead, I’m going to ask, “What were your fears about working with me? How did I relieve these fears?

If one of your clients has fears, maybe it’s about being in front of the camera, maybe it’s about the trust involved with a wedding photographer, it’s very likely that another client will have those same fears.

By providing these guiding questions, I may receive a testimonial back like the following:

We were so uncomfortable with the idea of being in front of the camera, but Jamie made the experience absolutely amazing, and we felt like pros.”

When a prospective client comes across my website, they read that testimonial and they relate to this shared, maybe even unspoken, fear. “Yeah, I’m nervous about being in front of the camera, too!” The testimonial assures her she will love her photos, and relieve her fears — a more powerful testimonial than “We loved our photos!”


Tip #4 | Use them everywhere!

Once you have a great testimonial, use your client’s words everywhere. Don’t simply use them once, recycle them again (and again!) on your social media posts. Testimonials should be very prominent on your website–and not just on a page called “testimonials!” Try the home page!

You can include testimonials on your blog and in any printed marketing materials. Real words from your real clients have a lot more power than anything we could write!

Keep a running document of all these testimonials & share them regularly.

I hope all of these tips bring you even more photography clients that you love! If you’re looking for MORE ideas on marketing your photography business, you can grab my list of 50+ right here.


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