You open up Photo Mechanic (no, I don’t mean Lightroom...) and speed through thousands of images from you and your second shooter. 

You enjoy the culling process! Because you know exactly which images you want to keep and you’ve memorized the keyboard shortcuts needed to make those decisions in a snap.

Imagine with me for a sec, here.

On Monday mornings, you open your laptop up with expectation... excited to see images from the weekend’s wedding. 

(And the Netflix episodes you get to binge on your second monitor while culling aren't half-bad either.)

15 Videos | 2 Hours of Content | Lifetime Access to Videos

Cut Your Cull is an online course designed to cut your culling time in half using a program called Photo Mechanic. 


→ Keyboard shortcuts 
→ Basics of Choosing "Picks"
→ 5 Time-Saving Culling Hacks
→ My RAW Sorting Workflow

Module 2: Culling Your Work

→ Real Wedding: Culling in Action
→ Separating Bride/Groom Prep Photos
→ Time Syncing Issues (Multiple Cameras)
→ Real Session: Culling in Action
→ Culling FAQ from Students

Module 3: Case Studies

→ How PhotoMechanic keeps me organized and makes marketing easy
→ Choosing images quickly for multiple platforms
→ My social media checklist/workflow

Bonus: Marketing Workflow

→Why PhotoMechanic?
→ Getting to Know the Program
→ Syncing PhotoMechanic with Lightroom

Module 1: Intro to PhotoMechanic

"Cut Your Cull was SO good and as a result, Photo Mechanic has DRASTICALLY reduced my culling time! I've been delivering my weddings in one week without loooosing my mind, even while working a separate full time job!” 



The culling process shouldn’t be a difficult part of your workflow. 

Ready to cut your cull?

Learn how to make decisions quickly, time-sort your images and organize logically, all using the Photo Mechanic program.

→ Learn how to use PhotoMechanic
→ Sync PhotoMechanic seamlessly with Adobe Lightroom
→ Cull through weddings in <2 hours (and portraits in <30!)
→ Batch sort your images for marketing purposes
→ Start feeling proud of the workflow you have in place!

 Jamie started her photography business at 16, and over a decade later, has captured joyful images for more than 200 brides.

Through her online marketing course, Book New Brides and active YouTube channel, Jamie helps photographers build profitable, thriving businesses. Jamie has been featured on Huffington Post Canada, Digital Photography School and Photography Spark--and her photography in publications such as Style Me Pretty, WedLuxe, Real Weddings and WeddingBells. 

When Jamie’s not geeking out over marketing strategy, you’ll find her hanging out with her husband Randy, walking her pup Harley, or watching The Office while top-to-bottom decluttering her home.

Jamie teaches wedding photographers the marketing skills they need to book consistent clients and stand out as exceptional in their industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

PhotoMechanic is a software that allows you to quickly sort, organize and categorize your images.. I swear by it and after this course, you will, too!

What's PhotoMechanic?

No, you will have to purchase PhotoMechanic for $150 from the CameraBits website if you have not already! However, registered students of Cut Your Cull receive 10% off the purchase price. Additionally, you are welcome to download a 30-day free trial of PhotoMechanic from their site.

Is PhotoMechanic included?

Once you go PhotoMechanic, you'll never go back. With Lightroom, previews load individually (read: slooooow) which slows down your entire process. PhotoMechanic uses instant previews so there's no wait time. (Plus a whole lot of other cool features.)

Why can't I cull in Lightroom? Why use 2 programs?

Chhhyeahhhh I do! When you have a system that works, you don't dread it. Make a cup of green tea, put The Office on Netflix, add sweet puppy by your feet and your favourite sweatshirt and you’re living, (wo)man!

Do you actually like culling?


Ready To Cut Your Cull?

Grab two hours of video content designed to take your culling speed from painfully slow to "Wowweeee, I'm done that wedding already!" 

Before purchasing Cut Your Cull, I was annoyed with how long culling took. I dreaded culling and integrating my photos with my second shooters so they formed a cohesive storyline! After taking the course, my culling time was cut literally by 2/3rds. That's time I now have to spend with my family or invest back into my business.

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