First, you sit and wait for the Lightroom previews to load. 

Hours later, when you make it ALL the way through a wedding, you find you've chosen too many images...

So you have to go through them one more time!

You cannot seem to figure out a faster way to sort through the thousands of images you have after every wedding.

If you hate culling images, you're in the right place.

Your entire process is painstakingly long. Culling is kiiiiiilling your workflow.

Cut Your Cull

A self-study online course helping you cut your culling time in half using PhotoMechanic.

A year into starting my own photography business a decade ago, I realized I needed help. 

If I wanted to shoot 20+ weddings a year (and equally as many portraits) I needed to learn how to cull images quickly and keep my turn-around times tight.

You'll follow as I cull through a real-life wedding, a portrait session and show you how I use PhotoMechanic to keep my image organized: for social media, for publication, for vendors & more.

When I discovered PhotoMechanic, my workflow was revolutionized. "Cut Your Cull" is not just a PhotoMechanic tutorial - it's an inside look at exactly how I use the program in my workflow.

You’ll be crushing your previous culling speed with each new client.

Warning: An addiction to your iPhone ‘timer’ app may develop.

Enroll for Only $67

+ How PhotoMechanic keeps me organized and makes marketing my images a breeze
+ Choosing images quickly for multiple platforms
+ My exact social media checklist/workflow 

What's Included In This Course?

Module 1: Introduction to PhotoMechanic

+ Why PhotoMechanic?
+ Getting to Know the Program
+ Syncing PhotoMechanic with Lightroom

Module 2: Culling Your Work

+ Keyboard shortcuts 
+ Basics of Choosing "Picks"
+ 5 Time-Saving Culling Hacks
+ My RAW Sorting Workflow

Module 3: Case Studies

+ Real Wedding: Culling in Action
+ Separating Bride/Groom Prep Photos
+ Time Syncing Issues (Multiple Cameras)
+ Real Session: Culling in Action
+ Culling FAQ from Students

Bonus Module: My Marketing Workflow 

15 Videos
2 Hours of Content

Online Course Portal
Lifetime Access to Videos


Jamie is an incredible teacher. As I have worked my way into my own business, I am constantly telling others Jamie has helped shaped what I have become. She is such a gem to learn from!


Julie Christine

Culling A Wedding Should Take 2 Hours, Tops. (Toooops!)

Cut Your Cull will show you how to use PhotoMechanic to slice your culling time in two. There's no need for culling to be the bottleneck in your workflow.

An efficient workflow will make your clients happier, make you happier, and give you more time to make even more clients happier.

 “The important difference here is with win/win/win,
we all win.” -Michael Scott

We got to change that.

Spending too much time editing?

Buy Now for $67

+ Learn how to use PhotoMechanic
+ Sync PhotoMechanic seamlessly with Adobe Lightroom
+ Cull through weddings in under 2 hours (and portraits in <30!)
+ Batch sort your images for marketing purposes
+ Start feeling proud of the workflow you have in place!

If you're ready to double your culling speed, you'll love Cut Your Cull.


Working with Jamie Delaine will help you streamline your business goals while also offering the tools to help you effectively execute your vision. She is an absolute joy to work with, and inspired me to be a better business owner and photographer. 


Erin Pearlman

Delaine Watson

Jamie is photographer and educator from Vancouver, Canada. Over the last decade, she has photographed 200+ weddings, and attracted a steady list of clients.

Jamie is passionate about helping photographers develop business systems that let them live their life. (Please, please, you don't need to be working until midnight on your images. Yes and amen.)



What's PhotoMechanic?

Is PhotoMechanic included?

Why can't I cull in Lightroom? Why use 2 programs?

PhotoMechanic is a software developed by CameraBits Inc, that allows you to sort, organize and categorize your images with ease. I absolutely swear by it and after this course, you will, too!

No, you will have to purchase PhotoMechanic for $150 from the CameraBits website if you have not already! However, registered students of Cut Your Cull receive 10% off the purchase price. Additionally, you are welcome to download a 30-day free trial of PhotoMechanic from their site.

Once you go PhotoMechanic, you'll never go back. With Lightroom, the previews have to load individually (read: slooooow) which slows down your culling process like woah. PhotoMechanic uses instant previews so there's zero wait time. (Plus a whole lotta other cool organization features.)

Do you actually like culling?

Chhhyeahhhh I do! When you have a system that works, you don't dread it.

Culling on Mondays is one of my favourite parts of wedding season! Make a cup of green tea, put The Office on Netflix, add sweet puppy by your feet and your favourite sweatshirt and basically, you're golden. (No stress or hair-pulling required.)

Two hours of video content designed to take your culling speed from painfully slow to "Wowweeee, I'm done that wedding already!" Let's get you started, friend.

Are you ready to Cut Your cull?

Buy Cut Your Cull for $67 Now >