Creative Clients Gifts For Photographers

“No thanks. I hate getting gifts.”-Said no one ever.

I know you want to up-level your client experience and start giving gifts in your photography business, but you just don’t know where to begin. I’ll be honest, I’ve never been that creative of a gift giver myself. (Christmas shopping gives me hives.) Today, I’m going to share some creative client gift ideas that you can give as a photographer in your photography business.

Creative Clients Gifts For Photographers

Gifts show care, thoughtfulness and attention to detail. All the things that a client is looking for in a photographer. Stuck for ideas on what to give your clients? Been there. I am thankful for companies like Greetabl. I recently ordered my first Greetabl, and I’m really excited to show you inside and let you know a little bit about what they do.

With Greetabl, you choose from a variety of gifts in their online shop, then select the greeting card template you’d like to use, which becomes the box the gift is received in. The best thing about Greetabl for professional photographers is that you can use your clients images right in the greeting card. Greetabl saves you valuable time. You don’t have to source gift items individually, ship them to your office, wrap them in beautiful packaging, then drive to the post office to ship them out again. A couple of clicks and your personalized gift is on its way to your clients.

Want to try out Greetabl for the first time? Use the promo code JamieDelaine at checkout for 15% off.

How to Choose Client Gifts

In general, choose quality products over sheer quantity. A small, well packaged, beautiful gift no matter the cost is better than a large, maybe inexpensive gift that looks impressive on the outside, but maybe isn’t really something your clients are going to use. My favourite gifts are ones that clients can look at them and think of me. What I mean by this is think of an item you love in your home that maybe a friend got you for a birthday, or you got as a Christmas gift. When you think of that item, you think of them, right? You remember them choosing the gift and giving it to you.

I want the same thing in my business. I tend to give gifts that will remain in a client’s home for at least a few months. I love gifting anything local or personalized to the client. I love candles, home decor items, coffee mugs, loose leaf tea, coffee beans, you can have these cute little ring trays for that sparkling new diamond she has. Are you ready to start making your clients days? I hope so. Let’s get gifting.

Remember you can use the code “JamieDelaine” at Greetabl to get 15% off your first order. And just think about all of the time you will save. If you’re brand new to client gifts, this is perfect. No picking up that individualized gift, no wrapping it, no going to the post office. One click and you’re done and your clients will love it!


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