You love your job as a photographer. You capture beautiful images for your clients, on some of the most important days in their whole lives.

But you want to book more photography clients, at a higher rate. And in order to make that happen, you know you have to step it up on the ‘business’ side of things. 

My online courses and products have helped hundreds of photographers like you attract the kinds of clients they want to work with and fill their calendars with new bookings!

I can’t wait to hear about how your business has grown!

If we’re being honest right now, you’ve been feeling a bit discouraged. 

Book New Brides is an online course designed to help you book clients by providing an exceptional client experience, perfecting your online presence & driving referral traffic. 

Book New Brides features 8 modules on topics ranging from wedding day experience to email communication to social media and vendor network marketing! Without a step-by-step plan, it’s easy to waste time on tasks that don’t result in new clients!

Ready to stop jumping from one marketing freebie to the next?

Yes! I’m ready to Book New Brides! ➞

Happy with the number of wedding clients you’re booking?

Awesome! Let’s help you another way.

Email Templates for Client Communication

Stuck on how to write craft the perfect email replies back to clients in tricky situations?

tell me more ➞

Knowing Your Numbers Pricing Workbook 

If setting prices feels like a unsolvable puzzle, this workbook could be your missing piece.

yes please! ➞

Cut Your Cull: Photo Mechanic Course

Photo Mechanic is your magic wand; a fast an easy way to sort, order & rename your images.

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