When I started my photography business, I only offered family sessions. I was only 16 years old, with no wedding photography experience and simply getting familiar with my camera.  I was regularly doing ‘complimentary’ shoots for friends in exchange for using the images online in my portfolio. When I had enough images to launch a […]

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Pricing your small business services can be difficult! We’re confident in what we charge for the value we deliver, but every year, we deal with doubt: will I have another full season of bookings? How do we convert a first-time website visitor into a paying client? One of the most talked about issues in the photography […]

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Determining what to charge for your services and products as a wedding and portrait photographer isn’t easy… actually, it can be down-right overwhelming. When I started my photography business almost 10 years ago, I wish another photographer had sat me down and taught me how to price my photography. Although I can’t sit beside you […]

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Learn how to calculate your business costs and set profitable prices for your services. Includes tips on communicate pricing to clients and how to strategically increase your prices!

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