Blogging is a tool “meant to generate awareness about you and your brand. It’s best used to establish authority and make people trust you.” – I love this blogging definition because it speaks to 2 main purposes. The first? To establish authority in your industry as the go-to wedding photographer clients should be hiring. And […]

I’m willing to bet photography is something you love doing. When you’re out photographing an engagement or family session, nothing is better than creating beautiful images for your clients. But the stress begins when the summer season shifts into winter and you’re left wondering: “Where will my next client come from?”  It’s the “business” in […]

“No thanks. I hate getting gifts.”-Said no one ever. I know you want to up-level your client experience and start giving gifts in your photography business, but you just don’t know where to begin. I’ll be honest, I’ve never been that creative of a gift giver myself. (Christmas shopping gives me hives.) Today, I’m going […]

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