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We know we need to be marketing our businesses… but many of us are paralyzed by a lack of direction in our marketing plans. We don’t know which step to take, so we don’t take any at all. My new quiz “What Area Of Marketing Should You Focus On Next In Your Photo Business?” seeks to eliminate that confusion and deliver a customized marketing plan in one of three areas.

Hop on over here to take the quiz — can’t wait to hear what you think!

After you’ve gotten your results from the quiz, come back here and keep reading… because I want to share how implementing your own quiz can work for your photography business, too.

Building an email list of potential clients in your photography business is a powerful marketing idea. Whether you’re mainly a wedding or portrait photographer, we all need a way to collect qualified leads! Perhaps a client isn’t ready to press ‘send’ on a contact form, but they may be attracted to a quick, simple quiz!

Introducing Interact Quizzes, the user-friendly platform I used to create my marketing quiz. What I love about Interact Quizzes is the ability to create a quiz in just a few hours — they have a wide variety of templates in every industry, or you can create one from scratch.

Quiz Ideas for Your Photography Business

  • Which season should you schedule your portrait session?
  • What kind of engagement session ‘vibe’ suits you best?
  • What kind of bride are you?
  • What photography style are you drawn to?


As your potential clients fill out the quiz, each question connects to a certain result. When the points are tallied up and the questions are all completed, your reader will receive their results! The results don’t have to directly relate to photography — but they should be applicable to something your ideal client would find helpful or fun.

Once your client fills out the questions, there’s an opt-in form for them to enter their email address to receive their results. You can also include a call-to-action after they fill out the questions, leading them to fill out your contact form!

Want to get started with Interact Quizzes? Let’s do it.

Let’s select ‘template’ to get you started. Now, we need to choose which industry. We’re going to pick “Entertainment” for this example.

Now you’re going to choose Personality.

Interact Quizzes has some great templates already in place, which definitely make the process go faster! Click on the “What Type of Bride Are You?” questionnaire, even if that’s not the title you want. You can change anything and everything on the next page.

Click “Use this template” to get to the editor page!

On this page, you can see the editing panel. On the left hand side you can change all the questions in the quiz, edit the image included in each question, all the colours, etc. You’ll also be able to change the results, and add as many as you like! This sample page, “Rustic Bride” is a sample result. You can include as much information as you want on here — and this is where I suggest the call to action either a) lead to your contact form or b) more information about your photography services!

As you start receiving more email addresses of potential photography clients, you’ll want to follow up with them via email either through a) an automated marketing sequence using something like ConvertKit or b) manually! Thanks for this great service, Interact Quizzes!


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