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Not every photographer can define their ideal client; but you may be closer than you think to figuring it out. Sometimes it’s easier to remember moments in the beginning of your career where you experienced non-ideal clients. Brides that didn’t trust or understand the work you created. Ultimately, a non-ideal client is somebody who doesn’t understand the work you produce, want the work you produce, or want to pay what you’re charging for the work that you’re producing. So how can we start to market to our ideal clients? Watch the video below!

First, we have to understand who our ideal clients are. I think the best way to start is to write a massive list of answers to the following questions:

  • how old is your ideal clients?
  • where do they live?
  • what do they do for work?
  • how much money do they make per year?
  • what are some of their interests/hobbies?


If you get stuck along the way, think about 5 of your favourite wedding clients from the past. What did you love about working with these clients? What did you love about their weddings? What did you love about these client’s personalities? Think through the things that they expressed that they wanted when they first came and hired you. What did they love about your work?

If you’d like some help with this, download the ideal client workbook I created just for you! There are a list of questions and a fill-in-the-blank exercise that will start to get these creative juices flowing and help guide you to your answers, ’cause they’re gonna be unique for your business. Next, we’re going to develop a story about this character. I want to share two examples, one from Anthropologie and one from Kate Spade that I absolutely love.

So first from Anthropologie: “The Anthropologie customer is affluent but not materialistic, she’s focused on building a nest but hankers for exotic travel. She can picture herself roughing it with the backpack and Eurail pass as long as there is a massage and room service at the end of the track. She’d like to be a domestic goddess, but has no problem cutting corners. She prefers the luscious excess of British cooking sensation Nigella Lawson to the measured perfection of Martha Stewart. She’s in tune with trends, but she’s a confident individualist when it comes to style. She lives in the suburbs, but would never consider herself a suburbanite.” 

One more from Kate Spade: “She’s quick and curious and playful and strong. She’s a voracious reader and a fantastic dancer. She saves old snapshots and always loses her umbrella. Her emails pile up, but she never forgets to call her grandmother. She has $7 in change at the bottom of her handbag.”

Unique, quirky details help to create a bigger picture of how these brands are marketing & how we can do the same with our customers! In every marketing decision we make, from writing our website homepage to responding to a wedding inquiry, writing a social media post, picture this ideal client in your mind.

Include details she would relate to, address her fears and what she most hopes for out of her wedding photography experience. This way, we’ll speak right to our ideal client, or repel if they’re non-ideal. By following this ideal client profile, you’ll make your marketing more personable and effective. Who wouldn’t want that?

Thanks for being here! Have a great week!


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