The difference between a wedding day that flows smoothly and a stressful and hurried one? The timeline. To deliver the best experience possible, our job description as a wedding photographer doesn’t stop at photographer. It’s photographer and coordinator. Watch the video to learn more! Becoming a Timeline Expert Our expertise can help keep a wedding […]

I’m thrilled to introduce my new marketing course helping wedding photographers find and book new clients, Book New Brides. Over the last decade, I’ve built a thriving photography business in a competitive industry through my creative and practical marketing strategies. One of my past coaching students Katie kindly called me a “business-growing-ninja-genius” and I’ve shown […]

Most photographers know they need to be “better” at marketing their work, but don’t know where to start. I get it, time is a limited resource! We’re focused on answering client emails, driving to and from shoots, editing images, doing our best to blog our recent work! But unless we have a real PLAN for […]

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You're ready to work, but you need ideas. Bingo! Got your back. You can download my list of over 50 ideas to attract new clients ASAP in that business of yours!

Hey there! I'm Jamie and I equip photographers to build flourishing businesses with creative marketing, stand-out client experiences and profitable pricing. I'm glad you're here!




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Learn how to calculate your business costs and set profitable prices for your services. Includes tips on communicate pricing to clients and how to strategically increase your prices!

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