The difference between a wedding day that flows smoothly and a stressful and hurried one? The timeline. To deliver the best experience possible, our job description as a wedding photographer doesn’t stop at photographer. It’s photographer and coordinator. Watch the video to learn more! Becoming a Timeline Expert Our expertise can help keep a wedding […]

I’m thrilled to introduce my new marketing course helping wedding photographers find and book new clients, Book New Brides. Over the last decade, I’ve built a thriving photography business in a competitive industry through my creative and practical marketing strategies. One of my past coaching students Katie kindly called me a “business-growing-ninja-genius” and I’ve shown […]

Most photographers know they need to be “better” at marketing their work, but don’t know where to start. I get it, time is a limited resource! We’re focused on answering client emails, driving to and from shoots, editing images, doing our best to blog our recent work! But unless we have a real PLAN for […]

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