I started shooting weddings when I was 17 and I remember the first email inquiry I received that asked for a meeting. “We’d love to meet with you to learn more about your services and what you can provide.” Ah! This was it! We worked out a time to meet at a coffee shop for […]

I have worked with a second shooter for almost every wedding since my second year of business! I love having a coworker along on the day to help me with whatever I need, capture a helpful second angle and keep the timeline running smoothly. Weddings are better, together, no doubt about it. The biggest hurdle […]

Your website is a powerful first impression to potential clients… what kind of first impression are you making? No, truly. Open up your website right now and try to see through a new visitors eyes. What would you naturally click on first? Would you read every word? Do you like every image that appears before […]

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Learn how to calculate your business costs and set profitable prices for your services. Includes tips on communicate pricing to clients and how to strategically increase your prices!

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