You’re “getting out there” on insta + facebook, keeping content fresh, determined to make this small business of yours grow leaps and bounds someday. 

And you’re wondering, “Is this still worth putting so much energy into?”

(PSA: It absolutely is.)

You’re looking to gain confidence in your marketing skills so you can book your calendar full of brides you love. And that’s where I come in.

 I show them how to attract clients they want to work with, gain confidence in their marketing skills and fill their empty inboxes with new inquiries. 

At sixteen years old, I purchased my first domain, opened up a business account, and started Jamie Delaine Photography. I wasn’t going to be ‘just any photographer’ -- I was going to be known as one of the best. In the last decade, I’ve photographed 200 weddings (!!) and continue to find so much joy in providing an amazing client experience to my brides every season.

Every week through YouTube videos, emails & blog posts, I teach thousands of photographers how to structure and run their businesses like a business. My education has been featured on Honeybook, Shoot & Share, Photography Spark and Digital Photography School.

I’m Jamie, and I help photographers who love photography but struggle with the business side of the biz.

Colour is My Love Language

I love a good white wall like the next girl; but we gotta make it special with colourful prints, bright frames & splashy artwork. My dream apartment? Mindy Lahiri’s. Google it, you’ll never be the same. (Unsurprisingly, based on my brand, my favourite colours in home decor are hot pink and light blue.)

Me + Him = Forever

I married my husband Randy a short 10 months after our first date. (Because why would two Type-A personalities wait any longer?) We had a perfect March wedding out in the country and honeymooned in Hawaii. We've been married nearly 5 years now!

My Love for Comedy Runs Deep

The Office is the greatest comedy show ever created. I’ve seen every episode multiple times & it doesn’t get old. Close seconds are anything that makes me laugh: The Mindy Project, Parks & Rec, etc. (Ohhh and I love a good Gilmore Girls rerun.)

Travel & Culture

For the love of both exploration and humanitarian work, I’ve traveled to 23 countries. Do we have any in common? Australia, Austria, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Guatemala, Haiti, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Mexico, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Switzerland, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, United States

I like a lot of things (but this page is getting too long...)

Organizing and de-cluttering (Marie Kondo shout-out!), green tea, reading fiction, watching indie films (I'm sooo artsy, notice how I call them films?), almond milk lattes... and weather.

Puppers & Doggos

My Labradoodle Harley is a dream--but I don’t discriminate. If I meet a dog, I love that dog. When I’m in the city, my route takes twice the Google Maps walking estimate because it’s a given I’ll need to pet at least 4 doggos and ask them how their day is going. (Yes, the dogs.) 






Weddings photographed to date in my business!

Cups of green tea consumed per workday.

Years married to my husband Randy.

Subscribers hanging out with me on YouTube!

Years as a wedding photographer in Vancouver, Canada.

"Jamie is an incredible educator who genuinely wants to see other photographers succeed in business. She is data driven and heart-centered—a true leader in this industry."

Natalie Franke, Photographer
& Head of Community, Honeybook

Need a clear next marketing step?

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