3 Ways Your Website is Losing Potential Sales

Reason #1 | Customers don’t know what you do!

If I pulled up your company’s website right now, and spent just a few seconds (let’s say, 15) reading the home page… would I know what your company offers? Would I know how your business can help me?

Unfortunately, for the majority of small businesses, the answer would be, “Not really.” As business owners, we are so close to our product or service (it’s okay, that’s a good thing!) and we understand every facet of what we offer our clients. Our customers don’t.

When a customer visits your website for the first time, they are looking for a few simple details that will answer the questions: 1) What does this company do? 2) How can they help me solve my problem? 3) What should I do next?

If your website doesn’t lead customers through the 3 simple answers to their questions, they’ll leave your website and look elsewhere. But if they can clearly and quickly understand the 3 answers to their subconscious questions? You’ve made a new sale.

That’s the magic of simplifying your message.

Reason #2 | You’re sharing TMI: Too much information

You could tell stories for hours about your business. There’s so much to share; about your processes, company history, and success stories from past customers. But unfortunately, we live in a world where multiple brands compete for a prospective customer’s hard-earned cash, each and every day.

We have to cut through the noise. Carefully note any sections of your website where you have big blocks of text and ask, “How can I simplify?” And once you’ve done that, ask again, “Does this sentence serve my greater purpose?” It won’t be easy (editing never is!) — but the results will speak for themselves

If you’ve taken your website copy (the words on your website) through this filter and decide a large block of text is necessary, consider adding a “read more” button to show the entire text. When you overwhelm the viewer, you lose! Keep it simple.

Reason #3 | You don’t ask them for anything.

A customer has landed on your website and right away, they understand what you do and how you can help them. Nice job! As they scroll down the page, they skim easy sections of text, gathering information they need before purchasing.

At the bottom of your website, they’ve decided, “I should reach out to get more information about the process!” and their cursor wanders around the screen. Whether they know it or not, they are searching for a large button. Something that says, “This is your next step!” (In a different pairing of words, perhaps.)

If your customer is searching for more than a second for this step, you’re losing sales!

It’s vital to have a large, brightly coloured “Call to Action” button on multiple sections of your website. Ideally, you’d have the button centre of the page (above the fold of your website) and in the top right hand corner. Something like “Book your free call now!” or “Donate Now!” or “Request a Free Quote.”

It’s your website’s job to provide guidance to your prospective clients. Your revenue goal depends on it.

Interested in making even more changes to your website to supercharge your results? Schedule a call to chat more.


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3 Ways Your Website is Losing Potential Sales