Meet Jamie

My name is Jamie Delaine Watson and I’m a wedding photographer and blogger from Vancouver, BC, Canada! My weeks are spent writing posts to help you succeed in your photography business, coaching photographers one-on-one and developing products like Knowing Your Numbers.

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my entrepreneurial story

I spent my childhood in a suburb of Vancouver, Canada and survived the boredom and awkwardness called five-hundred teenagers in one building every day for four years (high school) by skipping (if you ask me, unnecessary) classes, reading way too many books, dreaming of my future career as a high-powered executive in the corporate business world and ultimately, starting a photography business at the age of sixteen.

(And apparently refining my ability to write run-on sentences.)

After high school, I attended Trinity Western University’s business program for all of… thirteen weeks. (One semester, thirteen credits.) I was impatient and wanted to do things on my own. There would be no degree in my future and the corporate world would have to continue on without me.

So I dropped out. My part-time photography business kicked into full-time and I was shooting 25-30 weddings a summer by the time I was nineteen. I loved every step of my photography career, photographing nearly 200 weddings and seeing work published nationally and internationally in blogs and magazines.

A few years ago, I realized my favourite part of my business was running a business! I loved systems and processes, creating an amazing customer experience, marketing my brand to attract the right clients. I began to teach other business owners through in-person workshops, one-on-one coaching, national conferences and of course, blogging and online videos.

Running a business is hard work – and it’s often something done in isolation! It’s my desire to bring educational resources to help talented photographers to do what they do, even better.


fun facts

  • I’ve been to 30+ American States and 8 Canadian Provinces.
    (One day, I’d love to visit them all.)
  • My favourite TV show to re-watch is Gilmore Girls.
  • My nails are painted 99% of the time. (Red is my favourite.)
  • I’ve been self-employed since I graduated high school.
  • I’ve read over 400 books! I love reading.
  • I married my husband 10 months after our first date.
  • Running a half-marathon was one of the best experiences of my life.
  • I was voted ‘best smile’ in my high school yearbook.
  • I’ve never broken a bone.
  • I’ve seen John Mayer in concert more than any other artist.
  • In an alternate world, I’d live on a ranch outside of Nashville.
    (I’m also a huge country music fan.)
  • I have a passion to help those less fortunate and believe those who are blessed with much are responsible for much. Together with my husband, we created The School Sessions.