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If you were a fan of my post Using Pinterest for Your Small Business you will love the information I’m sharing in today’s post. I have been having so much fun with this platform! When I started this experiment in July 2014, I had 3289 followers.. and only 2 months later, I was able to grow to 7091 followers — a gain of almost 4000 followers in 2 months!

Update: As of March 2016, I have 18,500+ followers on Pinterest. So that’s an increase of 14,000 followers in 6 months. Read on if you want to experience the same success growing your Pinterest following.

How to Grow Your Pinterest Following DRASTICALLY! Case Study: 4000 Followers in 2 Months, 15k followers in 6 months! Bonus Download: 10 Pinterest Boards Every User Needs to Have!

Gathering followers simply for impressive numbers isn’t worth much. What is worth a lot? Directing brand new users to my blog that get my brand, my vision and my way of thinking. Hopefully, these like-minded entrepreneurs will love what they read, sign up for my list and become a loyal follower of what I’m teaching and sharing!

Let’s talk results.

In June (before I started pinning strategically) Pinterest directed 748 users to my blog (79% of whom were new visitors- which is awesome!) However in August, after only one month of strategy, Pinterest directed 3658 users to my website (81% of whom were brand new visitors!!)

Following the strategies I’ve laid out below have quite literally multiplied my traffic from Pinterest by a factor of FIVE. Almost 3000 new users found my blog in one month’s time from Pinterest. And I’ve seen the positive effects of new readership on my daily growing email list.

More cool stats. In June 2015, 2,433 of my pins were seen every day.

How to Grow Your Pinterest Following DRASTICALLY! Case Study: 4000 Followers in 2 Months, 15k followers in 6 months! Bonus Download: 10 Pinterest Boards Every User Needs to Have!

Two months later, in August 2015, 32,722 of my pins were seen every day. An increase of 30,000. It’s crazy.

How to Grow Your Pinterest Following DRASTICALLY! Case Study: 4000 Followers in 2 Months, 15k followers in 6 months! Bonus Download: 10 Pinterest Boards Every User Needs to Have!

As I mentioned, this experiment took place a few months ago, however, here are a few more stats to share how my Pinterest strategies have resulted in real growth! In January 2016, I had an average of 58,500 daily impressions. (2x what it was in August and 30x before I started these strategies.)

But it’s not magic! It’s strategic thinking, planning and careful monitoring – and you can do it too! I promise.

1. Pin for Your Customers

Before you can begin pinning strategically you need to ask yourself a few questions.

  • Who is my customer?
  • What kinds of things do they love?
  • What are they looking for on Pinterest?

To give you a bit of context, I’m pinning for the small business owner looking for tools to build a business/blog they love – full of freedom, joy and creativity! They love mastering social media and blogging, living a healthy lifestyle and filling their lives with beautiful design. My ideal audience is looking for quality articles on branding, blogging and social media, inspirational quotes, beautiful home decor and occasionally, a hair or fashion post. 😉

Your answers could be totally different than mine based on your audience! Are you a realtor on Pinterest hoping to attract potential sellers or buyers in your area? You could pin not only something general like “Home Decor” but Dream Kitchens, Rustic Kitchens, All White Kitchens, etc to go more in depth into your topic.

2. Organize Boards Strategically

The most visible boards on your profile are the top 8. Pay very close attention to these boards. If a new visitor to your profile judged your entire page by the first 4 boards, would you feel like they’ve understood your brand? My top 4 boards are currently: My Blog Posts, Inspirational Quotes, Social Media Tips & Instagram Tips.

From these 4 boards, new users know that I’m passionate about blogging, social media and instagram and I love a good motivational quote! The combination of the 4 would intrigue me enough to stick around, if I was also a social-media-lover who wanted to know more about blogging. 

How to Grow Your Pinterest Following DRASTICALLY! Case Study: 4000 Followers in 2 Months, 15k followers in 6 months! Bonus Download: 10 Pinterest Boards Every User Needs to Have!

3. Colour Coordinate

What do you see when you go to your Pinterest home page? A jumbled mix of cover photos and titles? Is there uniformity in your page? On my profile, I’ve chosen to title all my boards with capital letters for the moment and I love the coordinated feel. In addition, I’ve implemented my main brand colours: yellow, hot pink and blue on my boards cover photos.

If you’re wondering exactly how to set a cover photo for each board, here you go! Click edit on the board you wish to change, then under Cover click “Change.” Scroll through the photos you’ve pinned to the board until you find a colour scheme you like. Center the photo nicely within the frame and press “Done.”

Pro Tip: Specifically pin an image with your branding colours to each board for the purpose of choosing it as your cover photo! You can also update these as you go along or change your board cover photo every season for a “new look.”

4. Use Proper Keywords

Stand out from the crowd of popular pin searches (eg. “kitchen counters”) by getting descriptive with your descriptions. You have up to 500 characters in this space – so don’t feel the pressure to use it all if you’re simply repeating random keywords. Do however go deeper. Kitchen counters vs. White Quartz Kitchen Counters. The bonus to this – especially if you’re pinning your own content – is when another pinner “repins” your pin, the description will remain by default. (They have the option to change it, but most will re-pin as they see it.)

5. Delete Unpopular Pins

The Pinterest algorithm is changing lately and instead of showing pins you follow in chronological order on the home page, Pinterest is showing a mix of chronological pins as well as most popular pins or recommended pins. The goal is to have your pins recommended to others, right? The internet world seems to have deduced that the more re-pins a board has… the more quality content it’s delivering. Makes sense! Therefore, at least once a week, I go through my boards and delete any pins that have under 4 repins. I’ve really seen this working for my boards and have quite a few photos re-pinned almost 400 times as Pinterest recommends them to new users.

6. Join Group Boards

I love group boards! Use to find relevant boards that you could contribute to in your industry. Aim to pin at least once a day to the boards for greater visibility. As you become known as a sharer of quality content – new followers will come your way! Be sure to pay attention to group rules and keep track of what you’ve pinned where. If you’re a blogger, this is also great for sharing your own content.

7. Schedule Your Pins

I would not have been able to do gain 4000 followers in 2 months if it weren’t for BoardBooster. No how, no way! I pin 40x a day at peak hours (think before work, around lunchtime and then tons and tons late at night before bed!) and all I have to do is fill up my queue BoardBooster does the work for me.  It’s been amazing.

Your Turn!

If you found this post helpful, would you do me a favour and pin this post to one of your boards? Then comment below and let me know what your Pinterest username is so we can find each other! I can’t wait to see what you’re pinning!

If you’re new here (maybe you found me from Pinterest?) and you’re looking to grow your blog, you’ll love my 5 Days to Build Your Blog Following course. Click here today, it’s free!

P.S. If you have any questions, as always, please let me know in the comments below. I’d love to help.


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