How to Use Instagram for Business

Instagram is an awesome platform for sharing your brand and business with the world. It’s simple, it’s clean, based around great photography and easy to use. Best of all, unlike Facebook and Pinterest, every single one of your followers will see your posts in their feed. It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of Instagram and the power it has for your business.

Curious about the proper way to use Instagram for business? Read on!

How to Use Instagram for Business: A List of DO'S and DON'TS for Instagram success! PLUS: Watch a FREE video tutorial on editing iPhone photos!

But where’s a business owner looking to dominate on Instagramm to start? Let my list of ideas for How to Use Instagram for Business guide you below!

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I’ve been on Instagram for years but it wasn’t until one year ago that I started ‘analyzing’ my online presence. What was I sharing and why was I sharing it? Did I take notice of how certain images looked in my feed or did I simply post whatever I wanted? I’m not saying we should “perfect” our lives by any means, however, it’s important to understand how our feeds represent our business and what we share (photos and content) does matters.


Using Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media platforms lately, with estimates of almost 100 million active users monthly. Since the launch of Pinterest, the majority of users have been female but we are seeing a shift in the demographics of new sign ups. One third of users signing up for Pinterest now are male, a huge increase, which means new opportunities for many small businesses that aren’t solely female-focused.

If you’re ready to start using Pinterest for your business, let’s get started!

Using Pinterest for Small Business: a complete how-to guide! BONUS DOWNLOAD: The 10 Pinterest Boards Ever Pinner Should Have!

Regardless of your industry, there is an opportunity for your small business to be on Pinterest. If you’re not on Pinterest (or you are, but don’t have a Pinterest strategy) you’re missing out.

But don’t fret. It’s okay! I used to be one of those people. I had a Pinterest account, I used it to pin inspiring words or photos but I didn’t really know what I was doing and certainly not how to use it for my business or my blog. I pinned a handful of times a month and that was that.

Since making a few key changes to my pinterest strategy, 25% of my blog visitors find me on Pinterest. The best part? 86% of visitors from Pinterest were new, meaning they had never been to my blog before. WOW. That’s some crazy results.


How to Write a “Start Here” Page

When new readers first arrive on your blog, do they know where to start reading? Sure, you might have an about page, maybe you have a bio image in your sidebar and a little blurb about who you are and what you do… but I don’t think that’s good enough anymore. Readers have short attention spans. Don’t blame them – you do, too. Are you grabbing your readers’ attention from the get-go? And if not, how do we solve this? A Start Here page.

How to Write a Captivating

Start Here vs. About

An About page is a more personal look into the author behind the blog, written more as a mini-biography. You can include: how you became a blogger, why you love blogging along with personal facts about your life and family. On the other hand, a Start Here page must be no-nonsense, no-fluff, straight to the point. It’s all about your reader – not about you.


How To Start a Blog with WordPress

I’ve been blogging for almost a decade now and it’s no secret I think blogging is the coolest invention since the printing press. (Well, maybe that’s still cooler, I really like books a lot. And there would be no books without the printing press. But you get the point. Blogs are cool.)

How to Start a Blog with WordPress in Under 5 Minutes: PLUS a free bonus download of some amazing inexpensive wordpress themes to get you started!

Starting your own blog doesn’t have to be complicated, it’s simpler than ever before thanks to a few awesome companies: BlueHost and WordPress. If you have 5 minutes to set aside right now, we can get an awesome blog up and running for you in less time than it will take to make dinner tonight.

(On that note, you’re starting a blog today! Don’t make dinner. Order in!)


6 Tactics to Use Twitter for Business

6 Tactics to Use Twitter for Business: Read HERE!

I’ve been on Twitter since September of 2008. I’m embarrassed to say for over a year the platform totally uninterested me. Instagram and Facebook and Pinterest had my marketing heart and I let my Twitter presence slide. But there’s no doubt about it – Twitter is still growing and I made a decision to get re-engaged! In the spirit of sharing knowledge, I’d love to share the ways I’m using Twitter for my blog and business with you all.

1. Set Up Your Complete Profile

Basic, I know, but we have to start here. If your profile is incomplete, it makes you look uncommitted. And nobody wants to follow an uncommitted tweeter. Include a high quality photo as your profile picture, another photo as your cover image, fill out your bio (using all of your available characters!), add a relevant website URL and location.

2. Follow Industry Influencers

Who is your target market for your small business or blog? If you’re an independent coffee shop owner, follow relevant coffee industry leaders. These could be owners of other independent coffee shops in your area or in other cities (networking is always good!) In addition, follow your favourite customers or anyone who tweets about your product.


How to Use Bloglovin to Promote Your Blog

Use Bloglovin to Grow Your Blog Audience! Read More Here:

Bloglovin’ is the leading destination for readers to follow along with their favourite bloggers in a fun and simple way.  Essentially, Bloglovin’ is a platform that allows readers to discover new blogs, follow their posts and compile a custom “blog feed” of each new post in the order they are published. (Like an ‘instagram’ feed only for blogs!)

In addition, Bloglovin’ not only has benefits for its readers, but benefits for bloggers, too! Bloglovin’ doesn’t require any separate work once you set it up – your posts are automatically published and pushed out to your followers feeds. All you have to do is put in the work at the beginning and watch your followers grow!